Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Drum Roll please . . . . . !

After several sleepless nights and numerous instant messages back and forth between Monica Hood and me, we finally came to a decision.  But before I announce the winner let me first say a few works in review of your comments on my post Hearing Aids Are Expensive.

In my post I mention how expensive hearing aids can be, and for many of you having to pay out of pocket can make it impossible to buy what you want or get the type of service your ears deserve.

We are fortunate to live in a country that offers hearing aids, organizations that help people with hearing loss, ASL classes, educational access for the deaf, and the internet to keep us connected.  There are so many countries that have so much less.  I believe we can agree that we are blessed.

Our personal debt did not accumulate overnight and my wife and I both knew that it would take time to to dig ourselves out of our mess.  Once we received the Dave Ramsey book Total Money Makeover, my wife and I got on the same page and our relationship changed - it got better.  We started working together and developed a plan to get out of debt and stay out of debt.  My prayer is that you also will develop a plan, not just for saving up for hearing aid devices, but for peace of mind.

I want to thank Monica Hood for allowing me to host this contest on Deaf-Insight. I look forward to hosting others in the future.

Now I have to admit I had to bend the rules a little bit because the entries were really, really good.  So the book winners are:

Michelle Trzecinski, Britt Hastings, Chazz Griffith, Pearl Feder, Jessica Congdon, Kathy Patrick, Kristina Bow, Amanda Donaldson, Tracy Downs, Cynthia Dixon

Congratulations!  You all really put forth a lot of effort in writing your responses, and I appreciate your honesty.  You will receive an email shortly requesting a mailing address so that I can ship you your book.

There is one story that really stood out above the rest and she will receive a Deaf-Insight T-Shirt.  And that person is:

Drum Roll please . . .

Kathy Patrick

One of Kathy’s comments was, “Hearing aids bring back a special ‘quality of life’, with being able to hear what you couldn't, but the price is just too expensive for many people.”

Again, thank you for everyone who read my blog and participated in the contest.  I had so much fun
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