Monday, July 23, 2012

Jeff "FIrst Base" Update

"Who's on First", you have to watch this film.  It is a classic.


Actually, I am on first metaphorically speaking. 


  1. Getting out of the hospital.
  2. Trying to ween off some of these drugs.
  3. Receiving my daily IV therapy
  4. Resting during the day since sleeping at night is not easy
  5. Seeing all my doctors and get an idea what "Second Base" is.
  6. Practicing stress relieving techniques when the pain is bad in my ear.
  7. No more weird fainting spells
  8. Trying to get through as many Netflix shows to take my mind off things (especially my favorite LOST). 

I think I am doing really good considering I have been out of the hospital only three weeks.  It is very likely I might have 1 or 2 more surgeries.  One of them is to replace my Interstim device, the device battery is about to die since I have had it for 6 years.  The new Interstim device will allow me to have an MRI of my head and look at my ears.  The Interstim surgery should not be too bad but will be off my butt for one or two weeks.  The second one are my ears.  The ENT thinks there might be something else going on with my ears but wanted the fluid behind my ears to be clear before he examined further.  I go back this week or checkup.

I made it to "First Base" within 3 week. I am looking to maybe steal to "Second Base" but I refused to just sit back and let my mind turn to oatmeal (a.k.a. mush).

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