Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Silence is Golden

Now, I am know I am not that old nor young to remember Charlie Chaplin. He has some of the most amazing movies.  Now, if you haven't had a chance please search YouTube and just watch one or two.  If you have, what is the one thing you find different from these films compared to the films of today? 

Come on, Come on, Come on - think, think,think - you got it - actual words.  Most of the films in the early 1900's were silent.   I guess we forget sometimes how far along we have come in this entertainment world with using sound, special effects, and words.

In a world of a deaf person we watch silent movies all the time.  We have to watch for specific details to understand the content.  I get really upset when I can't understand a conversation because someone can't enunciate clearly by moving their mouth when talking.  I understand there are some cultures, and I am not referring to them, that have not learned to enunciate words clearly. But it sure makes it quite difficult for me having to read lips and understand.  But it is really frustrating when people hold multiple conversations, far away speaking to me, and people who don't directly looking at me when speaking. 

Comment: If you are speaking to me don't be afraid to speak during into my face.  I will not think it is offensive (unless you didn't brush your teeth or had too much garlic).  Another quick comment, don't exclude me from conversation either because you are afraid I will not understand or speak to loud because I can't hear my own voice.

Okay, I am going to go back now watching Masterchef, using subtitles,  and have a little bit of family fun.

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