Friday, July 27, 2012

Doctor Ear Frankenstein

It's movie time!  The older folks will remember this version but there are several out there.  I love the black and white version of . . . . . .

I saw the ENT and Infectious Disease (ID) doctor this week and discussed what the next few steps are going to be.

ID doctor said - 3 more weeks of daily IV therapy.  The infection I had was really bad.  The oral medication I have been taking forever has stopped working to kill the infection.  I have a PICC line for daily IV therapy.  The ID doctor said the typical length of treatment is 4-6 weeks but some it is longer.  I heard of one story where one person needed IV therapy for a few months because of a sinus infection.  Here is a picture of a PICC line.  It doesn't hurt but can be a pain the the butt when trying to sleep.


ENT - Before my ear tube surgery he did an otogram to determine loss of hearing which was really bad. But I don't think the test before the surgery was a good baseline because I was heavy drugged. Today, he re-tested to determine a few things:

1.  Why am I not able to hear words but only sounds and only tolerate certain sounds at very low  decibel
2.  Why I have so much pain in my hears.
3.  Get another baseline since my ears do not have fluid in them (YEAH!). 

ENT was concerned with my otogram scores and level of pain. The test scores showed, in my left ear I am severe to profoundly hearing loss and in my right ear I am moderate to severe hearing loss.  He wants to do further test like a lower level 3-D CT-scan (but in his office with his equipment) and an ABR.  I will have the ABR scheduled soon.  The purpose of doing these test is to see where there might be nerve damage or possible cholesteatoma.

He has not ruled out Mastoiditis nor Mastoidectomy either since they are difficult to diagnose.  I really like the ENT.   He is taking things slow and ruling out everything before jumping into surgery.  The problem with having surgery for anything near your ear is you have your brain but also facial nerves.  

My spirits are better than before all this started.  It has been around 3.5 months since I lost my hearing.  I was really depressed with losing my hearing in the beginning but now much better.   

I just want to get better and get back to work.  

Blessing to all my blogger friends and family who have left comments and passed on my story. 

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