Monday, July 9, 2012

Who the HELL Knows

 So who the hell knows why I have these weird moments where my ears hurt so much my body just shuts down.  Who the HELL cares! The body knows how to heal itself and adjust to normal levels. Yes, I guess it would be weird seeing me shake my left arm/hand and my head back and forth for a few minutes but I doesn't last forever.  There is no neurological damage, as far the neurologist can determine.  The only way to truly figure this out is to take out my bladder device so I can have an MRI.  I have an old bladder device, which is not compatible with MRI machines, but the new ones are. 

Who the HELL cares if I end of crying at times.  I miss hearing.  The world is silent without being able to hear.  I found an interesting website today that talks about coping with hearing loss and how others can assist.  Check out this website:  With my previous educational background and years of wisdom I believe I am grieving well.  I try not to spend too much time crying but enough and journalize the rest of the time - of course between dilaudid and things straight.

Anyway, I want this blog to be a hope for some, an update on Jeff for others, and for others a boring piece of information.

Love to all,
Jeff Swartz

P.S. More writing into MyWorldofSilence soon.
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