Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Positive People

If you know who this person, you might as well move on to the next Blogger because the blog of the day will not give you nice goose-bumps.  Joyce Meyes, a Christian lady who speaks around the world sharing her wonderful messages of love, life, love, life, love, life, positive thoughts, love, life, more positive thoughts, love, and life. . . .Well you get the point! Yes, if you haven't noticed my tone tonight I am a bit upset with positive people.  People who are between the ages of  twenty to forty, have this weird view of the world that if you don't say a positive word or smile every thirty seconds you are a lost soul from the island of Lost.  I don't believe the world was created for us to always have this "happy face" all the time, especially when something has gone wrong.  I recall our famous authors we have read in elementary or middle school were people of melancholy.
Just for laughs let me put on a show how skit how some people play their pseudo-positive attitude during a time of misery:

Scene 1
Max (the nine year old cat) eating at his bowl of yummy cat food.  Max has an issue.  He eats a lot and being nine years old sometimes Max doesn't know when to stop.  But Max is happy because he loves his home and the good food his Master feeds him.

Master (39 years old male) - "Hello Max.  Enjoy your dinner."

Master turns to Wife (we will be kind and say she is younger than Master): "Hello Honey!  What a wonderful day it was today.  I had yet another wonderful day at work, the music on the radio was awesome on the way home, my dinner is almost ready, and I can't wait to watch our TV shows together tonight."

Max:  "I am so hungry but my tummy hurts from eating so much and so quickly.  I need to spot I will get sick." 

Wife to Husband:  "I love you dear." 

Max: "Oh no, my food is gone. I ate it all.  I feel really sick.  I might just get really sick and spit it up.  Oh no.  Where should I go spit up."  Max says to himself,  "Nice looking spot over to spit." 

The spot was on Masters shoes.

Max: "Done! Stomach is better.  I hope nobody noticed."

Master:  "Honey, I am going to put my shoes away and get ready for supper."

Master looks down to see there is a lot of really smelly yucky spit up on his shoes.

NOW PAUSE for a moment and go back up and listen to the Joyce Meyers message.  Do you respond back to Max, your beloved old animal, with positive messages like:

Scene 2
Master speaks to Max: "Poor Max.  I am so sorry you got sick. You can use my shoes anytime.  Max,  God gave you such a wonderful tummy.  Don't worry, Master will not never get upset with you ever".

I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, of course, you wouldn't kill your cat but any normal person would be pissed (unless you buy your shoes where I buy mine). 

Here is my point:  I believe as humans we are to feel emotions (all different kinds) and remember them.  We were not created to have positive feels towards awful experiences. The point is if Max's Master is upset about his shoes being vomited on let him have that moment.  At least don't say anything, in that moment, to alter his own experience of writing his own story. 

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