Tuesday, July 31, 2012

IP-Relay Tips

IP-Relay, has been around a long time.  IP-Relay is a great service when you have companies that teach their employees how to use it.  Right now, the only way I can make a phone call is by IP-Relay because some sounds are just too loud and I can't hear 95 percent of words. 
Today was not my day for IP-Relay.  I had two companies today hang up on me.  The first one was a hospital and the other one was a bill I had to pay.  The problem is some people just don't have the patience to go through an IP-Relay call so they hang up. 

Here are some tips:

1.  If you get a TTY user (someone like me) please be kind to the Operator.
2.  Speak slowly (not loud - since the Operator can hear fine) and make sure the words are clear.
3.  Please make sure there is little background noise or distractions when speaking.
4.  Thank the Operator for their service.

And I know you can follow 4 EASY TIPS.  I wonder if companies should make IP-Relay training mandatory for employees.

What do you think?

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