Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Inside My Brain

Some of you may not know this movie but it is called "Fantastic Voyage" made back in 1966.  I saw it many, many, many years ago and loved it.  The movie was about shrinking people in a spacecraft down to miniature size and inject the spacecraft into a human body.  The movie is interesting and recommend you watch it if you don't mind - OLD FILMS.

Today, I wish I had someone go inside my brain and figure out why my drugs will not work to cut down the pain.  I think its the drive to "way-the-heck-out-there-Cartersville, GA" that put my ears in so much pain.  I wonder if its the motion of the car, the noise, the stress, and anything else you can think of.  I just want to ripe my head off and call it a night.  And, yes, I have tried taking something for the pain and just not working.  I even tried meditation and watch the T.V. show Lost and that didn't work. 

Well on the bright side I have a heart beat today so I guess that spacecraft doesn't have to visit that part of my body. . . . .

BTW - I am having surgery on August 6th so I may not blog until I am coherent.  If I do blog and it doesn't make any sense please just send me a text or delete.  Love to all my viewers.

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