Saturday, August 4, 2012

Reflecting Back in Time

I have come a long way from losing my hearing several months ago.  The amount of time I was in the hospital, getting my Caption Call phone, and becoming proactive in the Deaf/Hard of Hearing support groups.  I went back to one of my old post and read what I wrote about suddenly losing my hearing.  I was pretty depressed.  l I think I am handling this pretty well.  You can read a sample post here called Dilaudid.  I think its important to take a moment and just reflect.

I believe we are given certain situations, whether one considers them good or bad, to develop oneself and connect with others.  I do not believe God's intention is for anyone to be sick but believe it is just part of being human. I have had some wonderful conversations with people who have helped me through difficult times and in return helping others through similar situations.

Nobody is certain what will happen a few days, weeks, or years from now with my hearing.  I know one thing is I will be smarter about my disability and help others who might be in the same situation.

But for now - - - - I just want to say thank you to all who have helped me in the past and being part of my journey.

Take time today and reflect.
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