Friday, August 10, 2012

Did You Hear Me Howl?



The clip above is from the TV show "Being Human", the UK version.  The U.K. version is much better than the USA version (like most films).  I believe the UK does a better job at character development than USA.  We here in USA just love our entertainment and technology.   I highly recommend you watch it if you like suspense and horror. The show is not boring and not too scary.

Anyway, I am not here to talk about a movie on my blog.  I am so sorry if I woke you up this morning hearing me howl.  Forgive me and go back to sleep.   

I think I almost lost it during the Auditory brain-stem response (ABR) audiometry.  The audiologist told me before the test the decibel rating is about 80 and I can only really handle 30-40 decibel conversation without ear pain.   The test is to determine how the nerves are functioning when a sound is transmitted from my ears to my brain-stem and them back.  When the test started it really hurt.  I could feel the wolf transformation starting and my claws coming out but I had to remind myself to sit still and get through this test. At first the noise was so loud and I howled, she stopped and asked me in the dark, "Do you want to stop?"  I told her to turn on the light and speak to me since I can't see your lips.  I decided to continue.  The test was about one hour.  The ENT doesn't just want to just give me hearing aids and call it a day.  He wants to find out why I have sound sensitivity and ear pain The test is done and I will get the results shortly.

But, the test was only part of me howling this morning.  I almost completely turned into a werewolf.  It was my wife being there that kept me calm.  What pisses me off is the Audiologist didn't really consider my deafness when speaking to me.  Whenever I meet someone new I always start out with telling them, "Hello.  I am deaf.  I read lips so please look at me when you speak."  I am straight-forward and get it out of the way.  I feel if people have a problem with looking me in the face and they don't want to include me in conversations that great I rather there be silence.  

You would think if someone is coming to see an Audiologist they might have issues with sound so why wouldn't the Audiologist be more respectful.  You would think the Audiologist would find out first the best method of conversation is for me, especially since I am paying for the service.  The Audiologist reminded me of my favorite TV show called "Switched at Birth", when one of the parents didn't consider their biological child being deaf and best method of communication.

WARNING - If you don't want me to make me "howl" please be respectful and look at me when you speak.

I have to go rest.   

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