Monday, August 13, 2012

"Back to Jeff's Future"

Everyone has either probably heard or seen this famous movie, "Back to the Future".  If not, you can read about it on  The movie is about going back in time to fix a mistake so the future you can be safe.  Love the movie and Michael J. Fox did a good job in his role.

This post is not easy for me to write and took some time thinking about it.

I am deaf. 

Would I want to be like Michael J. Fox and jump in a car and fix my current situation? No, I wouldn't.  But does that mean I have given up hope or want to hear again?  No, it just means I have gone through the grief of losing my hearing and accept it for what it is and learn to deal with it. 

I am not sad, mad, or afraid of being deaf.

So, don't try to change me!  Don't expect me to be a Giraffe when I am Jeff. I don't want to change to your needs and wants.  Why not learn about my world by reading articles about being deaf.  And by the way, each deaf person is not alike.  Why not learn sign language to communicate with me?

My acceptance is not surrendering to grief of my hearing loss.  My acceptable means my life is a bit different than yours.

Would you change things about yourself if you had a special car that can go back in time?  What would it be? Why?  Is it wrong to be content with having a disability?  The last time I checked the newspaper I would consider all of us in some sort of disability?
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