Monday, August 20, 2012

Dead Battery - New Battery

I guess we will call this month - "Battery Month".  New $60K battery in my butt (Interstim).  New battery for my car ($120).  Emotional battery charged  - - - free. 

I am thankful my car battery died in my drive way before going to Cartersville, GA.  I can't imagine being suck somewhere on the street or freeway and only having text to speak with someone.  I mean I guess I could use IP-Relay but people hate receiving ip-relay calls.  Unfortunately, I can't talk on the phone because of the sound sensitivity.  I had a 1:00pm appointment to see my bladder doctor (post-op followup) but when I went to turn on my car it didn't start.  Nowadays I hate driving long distance in the car because I have issues with balance and my ears hurt with all the loud noises (well at least for me anything is loud).  I was not looking forward to going at all. 

So I got my wish and didn't have to go.  I got my car fixed at a place near a Barnes and Noble.  I was craving to go visit and see the ASL books they have.  And of course I had to stop by Teavana to get a cold ice tea.

Well today didn't end up going according to plan but I think God had me covered.

How was your day?

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