Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cowardly Lion Needs Courage

Wizard of Oz

Who was your favorite character in the movie "Wizard of Oz"?  And please don't say Dorothy because everyone thinks she is adorable.

Do you remember what the lion wanted from the Wizard?  Courage.  But do you remember throughout the movie he stands up to the witch and the wizard.  He had courage all along.

I am at a place in my life right I need courage.  I fear the journey and need to find friends to help me along the way. 

Right now, today, I can hear sound and I read lips to understand what people are saying.  The problem is hearing sound, almost any sound, hurts my ears.  So, this is what the doctor wants to do:

1.  I qualify for Cochlear Implant.  The doctor wants to do both ears eventually.  He will start with left one first.  To learn more about Cochlear Implants (CI) go here: 

2.  After 6 months I can have CI for right one.

3.  The doctor actually wants to separate the Stapes bone from my cochlear so there would be no sound at all until I get my other CI.  I am not sure what that idea.

Having CI is going to be a big change for me since I am vain and nervous about hearing things differently - the sound not being the same as a normal person.  I know sound hurts me but its natural hearing but with CI its robotic.  I have a lot of new hearing loss friends and they have been a comfort to me.  They have also helped me process a lot of information and questions I had regarding hearing loss and CI.

So, I am off to see the Wizard to find my courage and press forward to see what the next chapter of my life will be like.  Well I leave you with list wonderful click from the Wizard of Oz. 

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