Friday, June 24, 2016

A Millon Thanks To AB

Yesterday was amazing- a technological miracle.

They say, "Art is worth a thousand words", but what about a video.  I am a technological miracle.  I was able to video tape my special moment to share with you. 

But first let me take you back five or so years. 

Five years ago, I woke up with sudden hearing loss.  I didn't have any sound in my left ear and barely anything in my right.  The reason was an infection.  Although, the doctors are not complete sure what the infection was since I was on some strong antibiotics.  I had to learn sign language and adjust job responsilibies to my job and family environment.  I tried hearing aids for about one year which were great but my hearing got worse.  

You may read more about my story here. World of Silence - My Story

Thanks to medical science Advanced Bionics gave me hearing back again in my left ear.  Watch this amazing first video.

Several years later I found the funds to implant and activate my right ear.  I know have two working ears.  Here are the videos from yesterday.  I am so blessed to have the support of my family and friends.  For those who are not sure cochlear implants are the best route I hope this inspires you.

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