Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Time for Upgrade

Disney Movie "Robots"

Almost 7 years ago I had a simple but life saving device put inside me called an Interstim.  (see picture)

 The device was used to help regulate my bladder and help with the bladder issue called IC.  I haven't had bladder issues in a long time (someone please knock on wood).  But, with my recent issue with my ears the doctors want to do perform a MRI.  The issue with my Interstim device being old I need to have an upgrade in order to have an MRI (my device is old - just like me). 

Tomorrow I am going to see the urologist to recommend we upgrade to new device, which it is time to do because the battery inside me only last 7 years.  The idea is to take out the device and at the same time have a MRI done on my head to determine if there is nerve damage.  The few ct-scan's I have had the doctors believe is okay but MRI would give a lot more information.

I am not sure what the urologist will say tomorrow but will let you know.

My question is, with having a device for my bladder and soon for my ears, does that make me a Robot, or Super Jeff?
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