Saturday, July 21, 2012

Follow the Map

Some of us have a road-map in life, like Dorothy with her, "follow the yellow brick road".  There are some of us who need a GPS device to get from one place to another and some of us just don't give a damn and let each day be what it is?

Which one are you?

During my very long journey to Cartersville, GA yesterday from where I live (1.5 hours), my wife had me assist her with navigating. I am terrible at being the co-pilot. I have this need to be in control of the car and not someone else.  Sorry, I am "dude" and I have to say most "dude's" don't like being in the co-pilot.  

Anyway, sorry I got off topic.  

Google Maps (not the best application around), was not our best friend yesterday trying to get back home because our GPS signal kept telling us to go somewhere that didn't make sense or GSP signal lost.  I was thinking about my recent loss of hearing, terrible ear pain, and massive infection I feel as though Jeff's GSP signal is lost or just not found yet.

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