Thursday, October 3, 2013


Expectations, we all have them.  We may not like knowing we have them but we do.  We expect our alarm clock to go off at a certain hour so we can jump into the shower.  We expect our children to behave a certain way during dinner when you have guests. We expect our pets to not bark or bite visitors.  We expect our bed to be comfortable with big fluffy pillows so we can drift into dreamland in under five.

verb: expect; 3rd person present: expects; past tense: expected; past participle: expected; gerund or present participle: expecting
1.regard (something) as likely to happen.
2."we expect the best"

My expectations on September 16, 2013, walking into the CI surgeon’s office were that my surgery would be scheduled and I would be out of the office in less than 45 minutes flat.  I added the extra 15 minutes since it was on the 9th floor.  No, my expectations got the best of me and I ended up snared in hospital politics with an audiologist that didn’t know much other than why I should not like the product I was wanting to implant.  I thought the position of an audiologist was to help a deaf person restore hearing using the best technology to meet his or her needs, not to have a product debate.  I had to pull in more powerful people than me to help me get what I want.  Now I have expectations of Advanced Bionics. If they don’t come through for me here in Georgia or I will have to go somewhere out of state for surgery.  I made my phone calls to Advanced Bionics and I will find out next week what happens over at Emory Hospital Midtown.  

My final thought is this - hope more, expect less.
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