Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Adventure

November 1st, 2013 - Cochlear Implant

I have been deaf for two years.  I lost my hearing suddenly as the result of a massive infection following years of sporadic ear infections.  I never got my hearing back and after using hearing aids for a short time they became useless.  

Nobody plans to go deaf but things happen.  I accepted my deafness and decided to be positive.  I did whatever I could to learn about my deafness and welcomed new ways to communicate.  When I lost my job and had to consider the prospects of new employment with a severe hearing loss while my hearing aids became less and less usable, I decided it was time for cochlear implant.  I wanted to hear my family’s voices, listen to music, and be more employable.  I am friends with many deaf people and they live happy lives without cochlear implants.  I have to say that its available but not for everyone. Getting a cochlear implant is a big step and a personal one.  Even though I have a cochlear implant now, I am still deaf.  I can switch off my device anytime I want and have the world go silent or turn it on and listen to everything.  

It is DAY 4 after surgery and as you can tell I am feeling better.  But here are my thoughts:

1.  “It feels weird having metal in my head.”
2.  “This tinnitus is driving me crazy.”
3.  “Nobody told me about drainage.” BTW, I don’t like fluids.
4.  “I thought it would hurt more”
5.  “I am so tired.  I feel like sleeping all day.”  I am glad I didn’t plan school or other activities during this recovery time.
6.  “I am so ugly.”  Yes, I am vain.  I didn’t expect my head to be shaved quite so extensively so that  my 8-10 stitches are highly visible.  I want my body back together like before.  My daughter thinks I look like the characters in the movie Coraline who’ve had new eyes stitched on with thread.

 I think she was being kind in calling me a stitched-up person.  I feel more like a:
 Dalek from "Dr. Who" TV series.
As you can see I am in good spirits.  I am glad to have my mom here from Arizona to help out while my wife goes to work and takes care of the kids.  I go back to see the doctor on November 15th to have these stitches removed.  The exciting day will be November 22nd at 3pm (EST).
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