Friday, January 24, 2014

Listening to Stories

Being out of work for several months and with money running thin, I started driving for  The job is easy and offers good money.  The company gives me a phone to accept rides from clients, I set my own hours, and I get paid weekly.  I don’t mind driving.  I like  hearing stories, seeing where people like going, and listening to music.  Once a ride is over the customer rates my service.  I don’t think I would have a high customer service rating if I couldn’t hear and communicate with the client.  The clients are well-mannered and I find most of them talkative.   I can’t imagine driving people around without being able to hear.  Even when the radio is on high and customers ask me questions I can hear them. That would not be possible with my hearing aids nor any other device than Advanced Bionics Naida.  I have my hearing back.

I start my student teaching soon.  The test of my hearing will be if I can hear the 5th graders, since they talk so softly.  I expect great things from my cochlear implant while I’m in the classroom.
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