Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lizzie's Story About Dad's Hearing Loss

My daughter, Elizabeth at a very young age started writing some amazing stories.  Elizabeth has seen her family go through a lot of health issues and has used these moments of crisis in writing about them.  Her teachers since 4th grade have commented about how amazing her writing is.  She is not only a great writer, but she is also beautiful, smart, witty, and hilarious.
Elizabeth recently had to write a story about an obstacle someone in her family had to face and how they overcame it, called a wall.  She doesn't have a Facebook page so please leave comments here so I can read them.  Here is her short wall story of me:

Dad's Wall
Imagine awaking one morning to discover that you cannot hear anything. This occurred to my father this past April. In June, he had to go to the hospital because he had a really awful ear infection. Fortunately, my dad’s ear infection cleared up, but he was left with permanent hearing loss. This was a very stressful time for all of us because it was difficult to communicate with him. Before he was able to obtain hearing aids, he depended on reading people’s lips. Our family even learned a little ASL, American Sign Language, to make it easier for him. The hearing aids he did purchase are highly sophisticated and can be adjusted for various environments. They have assisted him a lot, but he can’t wear them all the time because of ear pain. Even though this wall may perhaps never be completely overcome, some positive things have come out of this troublesome situation. New connections have been formed. Our family has come closer together, and my dad is writing a blog about his daily struggles with being deaf. He has in addition made many friends in the deaf community and has been coping better with losing his hearing.
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