Monday, October 8, 2012

48 Hours

My brother Jason came in from out of state to visit me and the family.  I love to be silly but especially when he comes out I get weird and have lots of fun.  Here we are walking through the mall stopping at Claire's.

My brother is so much fun to be with.  He has read all my blogs and Facebook messages.  It really meant a lot to me for him to come down from New York to Atlanta this weekend to visit.

I knew before he came I had to get a good hearing aid adjustment because he was going to take me places and test these puppies out.  So this is what we did:

DAY 1 - Atlanta Zoo - animals, screaming kids, more animals, loud.  Then we went out to noisy pizza place were pizza plates were dropped on the floor and TV's were pretty loud, and kids screaming.  RESULTS:  EARS NOT TOO BAD.  EARS SURVIVED

DAY 2 - COSTUME SHOPPING - Went to the Mall (see picture above).  We were there for awhile.  Really loud in mall.  Went to eat Chinese food somewhere else more quitE but still loud with TV's going on with stupid football playing (sorry I hate football).  Night time, I am doing okay and we decide to go to AMC movie.  We all buy tickets.  I was a little bit nervous about going to see a movie, especially since AMC's do not offer any captioning.  I go in and the previews come on and I jump out of my seat and say, "HELL NO".  My ears are just not ready for movies yet.  Maybe if I didn't go to the mall the movie would be tolerable.  I wonder how many decibel a movie is?

Brother Jason, thank you for visiting and cheering me up.  My family loves you and we look forward to see you again soon.
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