Friday, October 5, 2012


You see me in this picture.

Yeah, that's me, the dark one trying to find a way to run away.  The other horse is you - my wonderful Facebook friends, my wife, and Audiologist saying, "Jeff, slow down, go slow with those hearing aids.  For heaven sakes you just got them.  Give yourself time to get use to them." 

I am so stubborn and want to quickly get to point B and move passed this ear pain or even the sounds I haven't heard in a long time with my hearing aids on.   I think I finally learned I need to take a break and rest my ears for a few hours a day, especially before my wife and kids get home.  I am pushing myself too much and need to rest.

My plan is before my kids come home is to put my earplugs in for two hours so when they are home my ears will be refreshed.  Maybe in a month or so my tolerance level will be better with high pitched noises.
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