Monday, October 22, 2012

Talking About Street Art

"Switched at Birth" a show that comes on Monday nights. Sixteen years ago, one mistake changed two families forever when two newborns were switched at birth. Bay grew up in a wealthy family while Daphne, who lost her hearing as a child, was raised by a single mom in a working class neighborhood. 

My wonderful wife had a great idea we should talk about Bay and Bay's dad relationship in the last episode during our Sunday home conversation meeting which we call Grace Happens

Some of the questions we asked:

1.  Is street art wrong? Why do people do street art? Do you think it's creative expression or vandalism?

2. Why does Bay tell her parents that Zara is who she would be if she hadn't been switched?

3.  What do you think will happen to Bay in the end?

4.  The "my way or highway" response Bay's Dad gave Bay in the episode I attached seems pretty harsh.  Is another way Mr. Kennish could have handled the situation?  Why didn't Bay's mom speak up during the conversation?  Is there another way to handle Bay since they have already tried playing to her good nature?

5.  If your child had a friend you didn't like, how would you handle it?

My wife and I feel that when you watch a show like "Switched at Birth" a family should reflect on its quality and important of what the director is trying to share.  It also makes for good conversation piece with friends. When we get together with our kids with topic or shows like this we really don't have an agenda or parents take ownership.  We believe kids sometimes have better ways of saying things than adults.  It was a good discussion.  I highly recommend the show and you can watch season one on Netflix and Hulu.

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Anonymous said...

I watch the show. I was a bit confused with the whole Zara friendship and where that was going...I guess she was a user and a just left in the end?
As a parent I can understand you want to give you kid room to grow and express creative freedom. But at what price? I would maybe suggest art classes or something to focus her art energy in a positive way to not destroy buildings in the community? To use her art for something good perhaps?