Monday, October 15, 2012


For the past few days I have been in Mucusland. No, I did not mean to say Disneyland.  The rides are really sticky and really expensive given you can't use your flex spending account to buy Tylenol or Mucinex D to kill thick monster rolling around in my head.  And worse of all I can't wear my hearing aids because my ears are so irriated, red, itchy, and probably infected.  I am deaf without them.  I know this will pass but right now I am not thinking about how tomorrow is going to feel.

Okay I so do not like this guy.  "Mucus is incredibly important for our bodies," explains Michael M. Johns, III, MD, director of the Emory Voice Center and assistant professor of otolaryngology -- head and neck surgery at Emory University. "It is the oil in the engine. Without mucus, the engine seizes." ( Do you agree with what he says?  Trust me I can live without the ugly green dude above.

Oh, by the way, be very careful where you walk because I accidentally lost my ear tubes prematurely.  Yeah, I have a call into the ENT to see if he want to put new ones back in.  Yeah, there is always exciting at my house.

The good new is I am almost done with the Vampire Diaries and it is probably one is the best vampire series out there I have ever watched. 

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