Saturday, September 1, 2012

13 Years Ago

This blog is about my WIFE . . . come on . . .if I don't say something about her in my "World of Silence" she might "Silence me Forever". 

13 Years Ago, on August 28, 1999, Karen and Jeffrey Swartz got married.  We both wrote our own vows and when saying them I barely got through them being so emotional. 


Karen and I have had our share of rough times.  We got married in my dad's backyard in Los Angeles, CA instead of going to Las Vegas.  My dad has a beautiful house.  The wedding was small and the day was perfect unlike 110 degrees in Arizona where Karen and were living. 

Karen and I have so many differences but really like our differences and we listen to each other (well she listens more she I do more of the talking in the relationship).   We were 29 and 34 years old so maturity and willingness to work together at that age I believe is easier than early 20's or teens. 

Okay, I know you thinking who was 34 and who was the 29?  Any guesses?  I will let you answer that in your comments after reading this.

Anyway, we had Elizabeth shortly after marriage then Abigail was born 3 months too early.  Abigial had to spend a long time in the hospital with serious issues.  Some of the other thick issues were; several family deaths, bladder disease, breast cancer, brain surgery, loss of employment, move to Georgia, and now being deaf.  I believe each relationship has there "thick and thin" moments but what matters is what you learn about yourself and be good at compromising.

Tonight, I thought I would play on the number 13, like "Friday the 13th" and go to Roswell, GA for a Ghost Tour.  I have never been on one so it should be fun.  I actually emailed the coordinator at the tour location saying I am deaf but good at lip reading and if there were any accomodations so I can enjoy myself.  Karen was worried I would not be able to enjoy it because it would be dark and I couldn't read their lips well.   I got an email back from the company and they said they will bring a brighter lamp, focus on me so I can read their lips, and make sure I understand everything.  Isn't that cool.

So, I hope I get scared tonight!  I am looking forward to holding my wife's hands as we walk through scary Roswell, GA.

Thank you for letting me share my love for Karen and our adventure tonight.
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