Monday, September 3, 2012


What color should I get?  This is the cochlear implant external processor I put on my head.  They have some cool colors.

The technology available today is really cool for those who have loss their hearing.  What I am learning is there are some advantages of being deaf that hearing people will never appreciate.  The biggest advantage of being deaf is having silence.  We recently went on a Ghost Tour in Roswell, GA over the weekend and there were about 20 people all together. The tour guide let me be in front so I can read her lips and have some fun.  But for the whole two hours of walking through Roswell trail there wasn't a time where people just wouldn't SHUT THE HELL UP!  Why can't hearing people just be quiet and listen to nature and enjoy the other sounds of life other than their own.  There were times I just wanted to turn around and yell at them all to be quiet, especially when the tour person was speaking.  It's not easy to lip read when you have background noise.

Technology today: cochlear implant and some digital hearing aids let you block out background noise.  Watch this video:

I can't wait to get my cochlear implant and enjoy going to a restaurant regardless of how loud it is.  The technology is called ClearVoice.  So, I will have super-powers with my ears.  I can turn off sound when I want silence and turn it and be just like a hearing person. 

My questions today is how is God going to use this gift.  I believe being deaf has made me a better listener and speaker.  You learn more about people being quiet.  Maybe I can help teach people to love the "World of Silence".
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