Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ready to Run

I started my "World of Silence" blog back on July 9th.  I decided to go back today and read my past writing and boy have I come a long way in short period of time.  The first one was called Who The Hell Knows.  I didn't realize how much of a difficult time I was having going suddenly deaf in both ears and severe ear pain from loud noise - actually any noise. 

I am not much of a runner.  Actually, I really hate running, whether its a short or long distance.  The idea of having to put on running shoes, wear those tight shorts and shirt so you can go faster and sweat doesn't stick to your clothes, or even the stretching you have to do before you run is so boring to me.  I rather go to Starbucks and race to the front of the line for my tall BOLD coffee of the day. 

The physical strength of running short distance is really difficult.    I remember in 6th and 7th grade having to run short sprints.  I had big feet and walked like a duck so when we had racing time during P.E. I was never picked to be on someone's team.  I really admire those who can run. 

But running is part of life.  There is no such thing as standing still in life.  If you just think about your blood in your body or your brain and how it works.  Your brain and blood never stop running - until the day we die.  My world of silence is about running a long distance race.  I know my hearing will not be the same as it was a year ago but with assistance I will be able to decide when I want a moment of silence or hear a familiar sound.

Oh by the way today I went to sporting good store and bought one of those running shirts knowing this race to hearing again will be a long one.  Who's on my team?

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