Friday, September 21, 2012

Music Is Magical

This is my soon to be hearing aids.  I will have them on both ears, sort of like high definition surround sound, and the cool thing about these hearing aids is it is completely wireless.  I will be able to stream TV, radio, conversation, cellphone, etc to this small hearing aids.  The picture looks big on this page but it is really small - not that I care.  Actually I want really bold colors for it so I can show it off.   Oh, maybe glow in the dark ones!  The first thing I am going to do when I get these on my little ears is  . . . .  play music.

Yes, I miss hearing my wife's and kid's voice but I really want to hear music.  I use to sit in my car for hours listening to tunes.  The sounds of indie to classical are going to fill my ears and Jeff will be happy again.  I know its not going to be right away because I have to get use to it and my brain has to learn to hear things but in time it will be crystal clear. 

My wife and I some nights would just grab the computer or drive in the car and listen to different tunes and share what we thought about it.  Music is a great conversation piece and one of the things everyone in the world knows, even in the most far away place, is music.  Well they may not have an iTunes but people know what a melody and rhythm is.

I imagine Heaven being a place where all you do is listen to music and share with one another deep feelings about what you hear.  Now, I will be able to listen with my ReSound Alera.

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