Saturday, September 29, 2012

Full Day with Hearing Aids with Family

Sound overload - that is how I feel.  I know I just got my hearing aids (HA) and I am really happy to hear sounds and words.  I had really bad hearing in both ears and my speech discrimination is poor.  I was severely deaf in both ears and now with my HA's I am about mildly deaf in both ears, which is amazing. 

I am trying to get a good idea of what I can handle with my hearing aids and what limitations I have with each hearing aids.  The premium HA's I have can be programmed various ways depending on the environment I am in.  The hearing aids will immediately adjust to different environments and cut down on uncomfortable sound levels that might hurt my ears.  The problem is my hearing level and my uncomfortable sound level are very close so I don't have much room to play with.

Let see I went to bank today (that was really loud), Starbucks (hate when they use their blenders), lunch at Chi k-fila with family, then finally the Mall of GA.  If you remember a month or so ago I posted a blog about my bad experience at the Mall - I think I should still stay away from the mall on the weekends.  I am surprised I am the only one having sensitivity issues with these noises and it does even bother people with normal hearing.  Maybe people just don't care until they lose their hearing. 

I am know upstairs in my room in silence so I can rest my ears and my head.  I actually took off my HA's so there would be silence.  WOW!  What a difference having them on one moment and then off.  I didn't even realize how deaf I am.

Technology is amazing but I sure how this technology will work for me.

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