Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Random Thoughts

Blog of  Random Thoughts

  1. I am nervous about what my MRI results will show given how much pain I have been in.  I am glad I can have a 1.5 tesla MRI, thanks to neuro-stimulator upgrade this August.
  2. Even with hearing aids or cochlear implants I might still have loudness recruitment until the day I die. 
  3. Is there any way to truly go completely deaf in both ears so I don't have to worry about noise anymore?  "Silence is truly Golden".  Yes, I know that is selfish but most people would be asleep now and not up trying to figure out what drug to take to fall asleep.
  4. I am not ready to go back to work.  I have to get a good plan down on how to handle my ears.  What boundaries I need to set to protect myself.
  5. There are so many deaf and hard of hearing friends of mine I wish I could hold them all.  I hope my stories bring some comfort.  You know the say, "There is always someone worse out there so be thankful", well I hope that person for you is me.
  6. There are so many new friends that have helped me, inspired me, supported me, and I am truly thankful.  
    • These people are:  Karen Akins Swartz, my wife, who know has no more vacation or sick time because she spent it on my illness in the hospital in June.
    • Dan Schwartz, he is so smart and knowledgeable about hearing.  He reached out to me in such a time I am very grateful.  He is nerdy and I needed someone to help me with understanding what doctors and audiologist were saying.  I still don't understand why he spells his last name wrong.  Thank you again Dan.
    • Shanna Barlett Groves, Cynthia Dixon, Monica Hood, and so many others have inspired me to keep my head up and share my stories.
    • My family, especially my Mom who has been stressed out for months about me.  Both of my brothers, Brian Swartz and Jason Swartz, who constantly text and call me to make sure I am okay.
    • Mission to North America, where my wife works and their prayers for me.
    • DeVry University, where I work, thanking them for believing in me and will return shortly.
    • Finally, thank you God for keeping me hopeful and believe your angels are watching over me.
Okay, Benedryl has kicked in and feel sleepy.  Blessings to all.

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