Friday, September 28, 2012

Sound with ReSound

Meet "Bionic Jeff"

Actually with all my gadgets in my body I feel more like this:

Everyone loves C3PO from "Star Wars"

I spent almost 4 hours last night with my audiologist.  I didn't even know I was taking home my hearing aids until she pulled them out started putting them together with temporary domes.  I got the ReSound Alera 9000TSG series but will eventually get the ReSound Verso.  I am waiting for them to add the TSG (tinnitus program) to the product.  If you are not familiar with tinnitus you can read about it here.  I needed top of line hearing aids because of my complicated hearing issue. I am definitely an atypical patient when it comes to medical concerns.  That was true for my "gluten intolerance", "interstitial cystitis", "migraine-lite headaches", and "loudness recruitment with sudden hearing loss". 

I am very fortunate to only be without hearing words for seven months.  I know way too many people out there that have struggled since birth or even several years.  I hold a very special place ion my heart for each of my new deaf and hard of hearing friends. 

Going back to last night and what happened.  I left audiologist office and rushed to my car to recharge my phone.  I then called the most important person in my life, which of course is my wife, on my cellphone.  She thought I was in danger because I haven't used the cellphone other than text for 7 month now.  I had to tell her I am okay but guess what,"I am talking to you on my cell phone and I can hear you clearly."  I started to cry.  I don't think my wife actually believed me.  I had to pull over because when my wife put my kids on the phone that was it for me.  I couldn't hold back the joy of hearing them talk.  I was crying so much my head started hurting.  I have missed hearing the words my special Abby (10 years old) and my witty older daughter Elizabeth (12 years old).  I called the rest of my family after that to share the good news with them.

NOW!  PLEASE keep in mind, hearing aids is not a solution to normal hearing.  I will never hear as a normal person again.  Once you loss your hearing and damage your ears - its gone.  But with technology today some are able to use devices to help or at least communicate using texting or American Sign Language on a videophone.  

My brain needs to hear new sounds I have not heard in awhile.  I have suspicion my hearing has never really been okay and when I got sick in April with mastroiditis that was the end.  My brain has to get use to hearing my own voice and others called a learning curve.  ALSO, hearing aids may not be the best option for me.  My ears are progressively getting worse and one day might need cochlear implants but for now I will enjoy my ASSISTED HEARING DEVICE.

Finally, even though I can hear with my hearing aids, there is still a special place in my heart for silence and helping the world understand silence is golden.

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