Thursday, September 13, 2012


I have not felt hopeful in the past few days.  I have been really tired from not sleeping at night because of my ear pain - recruitment.  Also, getting everything ready for my surgery on Monday.  I am very sensitive when it comes to my nose.  The idea of having someone put instruments inside my nose during and after the surgery doesn't give me warm fuzzes.  The surgery itself will be easy but the recovery I heard is not pleasant. 

I hope once I am healed from this surgery I will be able to breath better and have less sinus infections.

I hope to be able to go back to work soon.  I miss working with students and helping them work through their academic challenges.

Also, I was hoping the process for getting a cochlear implant (CI) was going to go quickly but there are several other steps I need to take.  The audiologist is the person you work with the most throughout the CI surgery and afterwards.  The CI surgeon just puts in the device and off he goes.  So, I have to find a good audiologist and building a good relationship with her.  I will be spending a lot of time with her after surgery and for many years after.   The audiologist I saw today was not on my favorite list.  I am interviewing another one tomorrow.  The scores on my audiogram are still the same:

  • left ear - severe to profound 
  • right ear - moderate to severe

I hope insurance when they get all the documents about getting a CI on my left ear will not say, "No", because I have not given hearing aids a chance.  I can't really use hearing aids because of my recruitment.

I will find out soon.  So to all my wonderful friends and family please cross your fingers that everything works out before my short-term disability runs out.


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